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 Trusted by some of the biggest names in Canadian retail, our undercover loss prevention staff are second-to-none at retail theft prevention

our loss prevention officers will discreetly patrol your store, preventing theft and ensuring a pleasant experience for staff and customers, we are happy to work with you to devise a loss prevention program that suits your business needs, while  working within your guidelines.

Not only will our staff keep your store secure, all our loss prevention officers have undergone a full customer service-training program aimed at delivering the highest standards of help and professionalism to your customers and offering preventative theft strategy.

Our current focus is to efficiently reduce the risk of shoplifting without causing any disruption to our client's business or it's client's.

Many of our client's that are outsourcing their loss prevention contact us for our professional services as it has helped them be able to focus on their aspects of their business, shoplifting is a growing problem in order to overcome these issues, retail business owners must take the necessary steps to protect merchandise from theft.

A proper security measure will help reduce loss and will allow the retailer to compete in the market place by delivering the product to their customers at a lower price. Undertaking a loss prevention risk assessment is one of the best ways we can asses the overall health of your store's security. We will work with you to examine your process and operations to find ways to reduce shrinkage and identify risks in your business security protocol.

Our loss prevention officers operate in many diverse settings and their expertise include excellent t communication and a wide depth of knowledge on safe apprehensions and arrest procedures. Walking the floor, they will closely observe and report suspicious activity.

When called upon, they have the capability to apprehend and arrest offenders in a safe and professional manner if required. Committed to quality that have resulted in an industry leading apprehension rate.

Ready to take the next step and improve your loss prevention. If you have any questions about the loss prevention services we offer, or how SPS Security Protection Services can help protect your business, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Are you looking to work for a company committed in supporting their community? Interested in a rewarding carrier that helps people stay safe while getting the essentials they need while shopping.

Carrier opportunities, now accepting resumes for various positions. Applicants must have  a valid BC security license,  a valid AST Advanced Security Training.endorsement 

 email your cover letter and resume to:

 Hotel Professional Security Services

Experienced Hotel Security Professionals

  • Suite & Tie Professional Security Hotel Service

  •  Maintaining a safe environment for all guests and hotel employees

  •  Carry out regular patrolling of hotel and its surroundings, parking lots, lobbies, hallways.

  • Provide a safe entry for guests and employees

  • Familiar with a range of security devices, including surveillance and locking systems

SPS Security Protection Services can work with you and design a service for you site specific business needs.

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